Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Things to do in Amsterdam

When it comes about things to do in Amsterdam, there are a lot of things we must consider; but it all depends on your interests and time, the following is a list with activities, tours and events you cannot miss:
  • A tour in the splendid Canals of Amsterdam, beautiful places full of history and very important to Amsterdam development and transportation.

  • Smell Amsterdam flowers, the pride of the Netherlands, especially in Keukenhof, the famous bulb flower park (located 35 minutes from the airport); Amsterdam Tulip Museum, a temple to this flower; and the Bloemenmarkt, a market in which you can buy all beautiful flowers you can imagine.

  • Amsterdam Rijsttafel
    Amsterdam Rijsttafel
    Keukenhof Gardens
    Keukenhof Gardens

  • Ride a bike, as everyone in Amsterdam cycles; you can do the same, join the locals and taste a bit of their daily ritual. Youíll find many bikes for tent available that also offer maps for guiding you through the city for first time. If Skate is what you prefer then donít lose time and enjoy the frozen canals in winter specially.

  • Taste its cuisine; Dutch cuisine is very appropriate for its weather, especially in cold weather because the food warms oneís insides. Try the pancakes, varieties of cheese, the rijsttafel, and other famous culinary delicacies.

  • Go on a picnic, if itís possible get company with the locals; the largest green space, VondelPark, you can exercise and enjoy summer time, do some sports and other healthy activities.
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