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Amsterdam Travel Guide


Waterlooplein - Amsterdam Amsterdam is a city with ancient buildings and of course a great history. One of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam is definitely Waterlooplein or Waterloo square, placed near of the Amstel River. This beautiful square was built in the 19th century when two important canals, the Houtgrachtand the Leprozengracht, were built. It was named to commemorate the battle of waterloo that took place in 1815.

Waterlooplein was a quiet place, until it became into a market when the city authorities decided to move all the stalls of the Jewish merchants from the neighboring streets to the square. Nowadays, Waterlooplein is one of them most estranging places in Amsterdam filled with vendors and visitors from around the world. Waterlooplein is the typical flea market where one can find literally all kind of things, from second-hand clothes, crafts, books, ceramics, to real gems. Once you are there, you will definitely be surprised by the large number of unusual things that are for sale.
Waterlooplein houses at least 300 stalls, many with an ethnic theme, giving it a bazaar-like atmosphere. Due to its great importance, one of the most important museums in the city, the Jewish Historical Museum, presented a beautiful exposition in 2005. This exposition was specially made to commemorate the old Jewish Quarter and of course the importance that this place has in Amsterdam.

Opening Times:
  • Today, Waterlooplein isopened from Monday to Saturday (09.00-17.00)

How to get Waterlooplein:
  • 15 minutes from the Dam square, east.
  • You can reach it by either tram 9 or 14 from Dam Square.

Important Places near Waterlooplein
  • The Rembrandt house Museum
  • The Jewish Historical Museum
  • The Hermitage Amsterdam museum
  • The Blauwbrug and MagereBrug bridges across the Amstel river

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