Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Sports in Amsterdam

Football in Amsterdam The Amsterdammers play different sports. In Amsterdam you can practice a series of high-level sports, football, tennis, hockey, skating. The habitants from this city giveimportance to the practice sports for feeling better about them mentally and physically.

The young population has made the Netherlands a prosperous, dynamic and friendly country. The people of Amsterdam love cycling around the city, in fact the most used transport in the capital, and that for this reason that its inhabitants are in good shape, seldom exceed a BMI 23. This BMI score is associated with living longest, the lowest incidence of serious illness, as well as being perceived as more physically attractive.

The national sport is football and the most popular sport from this country. Ajax club is the city team, with International and local trophies, it is the most famous soccer club in Netherland and one of the most famous in Europe. The Ajax stadium is Arena Stadium, this beautiful Stadium offers tours to visitors you can take a tour of the amazing high-tech with its opening and closing roof. In the Stadium there is a museum dedicated to the most important players of this team. Famous players like Johan Cruijff, Marco Van Basten and Luis suarez have played in this well-known Club.

Tennis is another important sport in Netherland, this sports is played in the summer with some important competitions, Plan your trip to visit the Dutch Open at Hilversum that is played in Amsterdam. Some Tennis Academies in Amsterdam offer first class formation for younger; there are programs for the winter and summer; Amsterdam tennis academy, Laurense tennis academy and Amsterdam tennis academy are the most important.

Johan Cruyff Hockey is an exciting sport, some people prefer this sport. The Ice hockey is the reason to become Amsterdam in a tourism place. Field hockey is popular in the Netherlands, and visitors can experience the excitement of this sport.

Skating Ice is the main winter sport in Netherland. If you like skating Amsterdam is the perfect place to practice this sport, during winter; Amsterdam's canals become all-natural ice-skating venues because of that, skating is traditional pastime.

Different sports are practicing all the year. You will find comfortable clubs and gyms where you can go to practice their favorite sport, squash, swimming, soccer, tennis, golf and others. The Cycling activity is a priority. The cycling routes are in the entire city. Amsterdam the sport city is waiting for you.
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