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Sail Amsterdam

Sail Amsterdam Sail Amsterdam is a maritime event, very important for Dutch people because of the importance of the trade that came through the ports in Amsterdam. So people celebrate the relationship with the sea every five years along the Amsterdam waterfront. The last Sail Amsterdam celebration took place in August 2010 so weíll have to wait till 2015 for the next one. The festival is not only about sailing, there is a cultural program that accompanies the event that takes 6 days.

Sail Amsterdam in early times was an opportunity for captains and crews to show their skills and educate people; because the festival is not only a celebration of history but also friendship, tolerance and understanding. Sail Amsterdam provides several activities for tourists and visitors in general, for all ages and tastes, so you donít have to be a sailing lover, and all the activities are free; some of them are:

The Parade: the Sail Amsterdam parade boasts over 50 ships, of all kinds. Youíll see impressive vessels

Youth Island: a program especially designed for young people, in the event they can experience the atmosphere of different cultures, including dances, music, sports and several performances; it also looks to educate youth about nautical life through games and competitions

Sail Amsterdam Sail Jazz and Soul and Tango: A Program of music with awesome musicians like trumpetists and bandoneonists.

Fireworks Show: There is a breathtaking spectacle of fireworks in the river at night; itís an event you cannot miss.

And more activities such as a boat carnival, a lottery concert, dance festivals, ceremonies, Demonstrations by Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, Canoe and rowboat salute, competitive sailing area, guided tours on the Tall Ships, and more; as you can see itís a celebration for all family, and plans are underway to make the next Sail Amsterdam even biggest and better than the last one.
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