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Amsterdam Travel Guide

The Amsterdam Roots Festival

Roots Festival The Amsterdam Roots Festival is a celebration that takes place in five different locations in Amsterdam during summer; the Amsterdam Roots festival is a celebration of music and itís one of the most important festivals that donít include western-music. Five days (a long weekend) of music from all cultures and countries, it means that spectacle includes the biggest names from local and international talents as well as emerging talent.

There's an event that takes place initially or to close the event (depending on the organizers) in the festival, called Roots Open Air, an event accessible for free that features ethnic backgrounds, styles and influences from all over the world, the festival includes performances, concerts, presentations, workshops, and creates great opportunities for audience to participate; youíll find even a program for kids.

The Amsterdam Roots Festival is part of the Holland Festival and aims to show visitors that although western music around the globe is much more famous than others, thereís a lot more of offer; in order to increase the cultural identity and nationality.

Venues in Amsterdam: The festival is not only celebrated in an only place; important venues in Amsterdam such as: Paradiso, Melkweg, Tropentheather, Sugar Factory and Ooterpark are the hosts for the festival. Itís a festival that will let you know more about Amsterdam culture, and traditions and enjoy of the best music, it surely deserves a visit.
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