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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Restaurants in Amsterdam

Throughout its history, Amsterdam has become the world capital for tolerance due to the different styles, people and cultures that congregate there. This mixture has greatly influenced in almost all its traditions and of course in its cuisine. So, as the same as its culture, Amsterdam is also a mixture of different cuisines from around the world.

While it is true that Amsterdam is a mixture of different cuisines; over time, this amazing city has developed its own cuisine that is mainly based on meat, vegetable stews, potatoes, sausages and cheese, developing delicious recipes such as: Egg Soup with Ginger, Red Cabbage, Hunter's Stew, Groentensoepand Stewed Steak. If you want to taste the traditional Dutch cuisine, all you have to do is to take a walk around Amsterdam and you will find a large number Traditional Dutch restaurants as well as restaurants form the entire world.

Restaurant of Amsterdam
Restaurant of Amsterdam
Holland Restaurants
Holland Restaurants

Choosing the best restaurant is quite difficult due to the large number of restaurants that are placed in Amsterdam. The competition that exists is great for many restaurants there. It is certainly a great opportunity if you're looking to find a job in the city, even if it is necessary to have previous experience in restaurants. For this reason, is demanded a customer service cover letter and a good resume. In these customer service cover letters it is very important to write in a formal style and detail why you want to work in a particular restaurant. The following is a list with some of the most famous according to our experience:
  • Albatros Seafood House: As its name says, this restaurant is specialized in seafood. Albatros seafood House provides customers many of the most traditional recipes, not only from Amsterdam, but also from most regions of Netherlands.

    • Address: Westerstraat 264
    • Phone: 020/627-9932
    • Open: Thursday-Monday.

  • Bordewijk: This is one of the most popular restaurants in Amsterdam. BordeWijk is widely known its creative cuisine, fine and delicious cheeses and for its high quality wines. Here visitors can find a large variety of traditional Amsterdam dishes as well as dishes from other regions.

    • Address: Noorder-Markt 7
    • Phone: 020/624-3899
    • Open: Tuesday-Sunday.

  • Café Luxembourg: If you want to spend a quiet and nice moment, Café Luxembourg is the best place. This is one of the most glamorous cafes in the city where you will find a great and friendly care as well as some of the most delicious straightforward dishes.

    • Address: Spuistraat 24 (at Spui)
    • Phone: 020/620-6264
    • Open: Daily.

  • Golden Temple: One of the most known vegetarian restaurants in the town. Golden temple boasts an enigmatic atmosphere full of peace and calm. Here you may find Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern dishes and of course the best of the Amsterdam vegetarian cuisine.

    • Address: Utrechtsestraat 126, Amsterdam
    • Phone: 020/626-8560
    • Open: Daily.

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