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Amsterdam Travel Guide

History of Red-Light district

Red Light Amsterdam Netherlands is famous around the world for its liberal policies in gay marriage, euthanasia and prostitution. In fact, there is a notable area where sex is sold as any other item in the market. We are talking about the Red-Light district. This nightspot is one of the oldest areas in the city. In fact the famous (Rosse Buurt) Red-Light district dates back to the ancient 14th century. In this century, the city was an important trade center.

Thanks to its important economic growth, the city began to construct plenty of stone Churches and monasteries. As an example, we can mention the old church and the new church that were considered as the two important landmarks of the golden age. Among these two religious centers, there is the popular Red-Light District.

During the 17th century, Amsterdam was well-known in the rest of Europe because of its pleasure houses, good music, great bars and beautiful girls. However, for many years local authorities tried to control and eradicate the prostitution in the city by using many resources. In fact, during the middle ages, prostitution was considered as degrading and amoral in Europe. Little by little. prostitutes were grouped in specific zones that later became the Red Light District.

During the last part of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, visiting the Red Light District was an offense and a serious crime. The Catholic Church made a strong alliance with the state to punish these crimes. Nevertheless, the prostitution grew more in spite of the prohibitions and hard punishments.

In the 18th century, restrictions against prostitutions changed drastically and many brothels owners expanded more the sex business. The morality was not important in this century and people gave more priority to several health concerns. That is why in 2000 the sexual commerce was legalized, and the Red Light District became an important part of the tourism in the country.
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