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Amsterdam Travel Guide

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Amsterdam Museum Amsterdam is a beautiful city filled with amazing buildings and ancient neighborhoodsof course. In Amsterdam, it is not difficult to find amazing places to have fun like Bars and pubs, but if you are looking for another kind of fun, perhaps a Red Light District Tour could be the right for you. Unlike, many countries, Prostitution is legal in Holland and of you want a little of fun, Amsterdam is definitely the right place for you.

Most of Prostitution in Amsterdam is mainly concentrated in the Right Light District. According to historians, the red light district exists since XIII century and it is considered as one of the oldest areas in Amsterdam. During the middle Ages, it was very common to see many places like clubs where girls worked as prostitutes, these places where managed manly by the sheriff and his men. Although, throughout its history, many times prostitution was prohibited in Amsterdam, this has been maintained until today.

Nowadays, the Red Light district plays an important role in Amsterdam because it is the perfect place to have a night of fun for tourist. The sex trade in Amsterdam runs the gamut from sex shops where one can find many unusual things like videos and sexual accessories. Throughout the district, there are also several nightclubs featuring strippers and girls dressed in diminutive outfits. The red light districtalso known as the RosseBuurt (in Dutch) is almost an obligatory place to visit if you are tourist in Amsterdam even if you do not want to play.
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