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De Wallen

De Wallen Amsterdam De Wallen is the name of the popular district in Amsterdam where the sexual commerce is legal. We are talking about the Red-Light District. De Wallen is situated in the central part of the old Amsterdam. This area in the city is one of the favorite touristic destinations in Europe; it receives thousands of visitors each year. This district is actually a complex of several alleys that include plenty of cabins. Each one of these cabins is occupied by a woman who offers sexual services.

In addition, visitors can find other interesting places that are related to the sex industry such as the Erotic Museum, the marijuana Museum, sex theaters, sex shops and a big variety of stores where marijuana is legally commercialized. The district borders with Sint Jans straat in the south side, Niezel in the north side and the Warmoesstraat in the western part. This sex trade center has an area of 6500 square meters. Here is a list of the most popular streets in the district where women of diverse nationalities sell sex.
  • Barndesteeg
  • Bethlehemsteeg
  • Bloedstraat
  • Dollebegijnensteeg
  • Enge
  • Kerksteeg
  • Goldbergersteeg
  • Gordijnensteeg
  • Molensteeg
  • Monnikenstraat
  • Oudekerksplein
  • Oudekennissteeg
  • Oudezijds
  • Achterburgwal
  • Oudezijds
  • Voorburgwal
  • Sint Annendwarsstraat
  • Sint Annenstraat
  • Stoofsteeg
  • Trompettersteeg

De Wallen is an old district that was established in the 14th century approximately, and nowadays it has a big importance in Netherlands because of the sex tourism. The majority of the women who work in the Red-Light District are self employed and rent the cabins. The prices for sexual contact vary from 40 to 50 Euros. However, the prices for Asian and black women can be 30 or 35 Euros per hour approximately.

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