Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Public Transport of Amsterdam

Amsterdam as the capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a well-organized network of transportation that will help you to get around the city fast and with the cheaper rates; Public transportation in Amsterdam offers different methods to reach your destination as fast as you want, it includes: trains, tram, metro, buses and ferries.

If you want to avoid buying tickets each time you travel you can get an OV-chipcard; which is an electronic card you can top with credit in euros for traveling by buses, trams and metros, you must consider that unlike the old system two people cannot travel on the same card, each person must have their own. Pricesrange from Ä 7.50 (the anonymous card used for visitors generally) and the personalized card that you can load with cash for your trips.

Amsterdam by Tram
Amsterdam by Tram
Amsterdam by Bus
Amsterdam by Bus

Amsterdam by Tram

Most people (that are not using bikes) use trams for transportation, the tram lines are operated by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf, and routes go from the center in all directions. Itís an ideal transport for tourist because unlike other media, trams operate in the center and reach most hotels and attractions of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam by Bus

Buses are widely used in the north of the city; and you can find several bus services that connect every corner of the city.

Amsterdam by Metro

Amsterdam by Ferries

You can try a different way of transportation, ferries are an exciting way to transport around Amsterdam; youíll find the port behind Central Station. Ferries will take you to different location in the north and places that you can reach along the river. Unlike one might think, prices for a ferry are cheap; so youíll have lots of fun without paying enormous rates.

All these transportation media are controlled by the municipal public transport company (GVB). For more information see its website.
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