Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Photos

If you are planning to travel to Europe, one of the cities that you cannot fail to visit is definitely Amsterdam one of the most European cities. Compared with other European cities, Amsterdam is not very large that is why one can visit most of its attractions in a relative short time.

Amsterdam offers visitors a large number of awesome attractions that are the perfect places to take pictures. If you love monuments, you may visit the House of Anne Frank, Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Het Koninklijk Paleis (The Royal Palace), Oudekerk, Rembrandt house and Leidseplein. If you love nature, Amsterdam also has many natural attractions like forests and beaches that are the best places to take sunrise and sunset pictures.

Although, any time is perfect to take pictures in Amsterdam, many people considered winter as the best time because, around Amsterdam there are beautiful landscapes covered with snow an exotic animals, a perfect scene for nature and picture lovers. So, if you are a picture lover, Amsterdam is the ideal place to take a picture that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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