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Vondelpark is the name of one of the most famous parks of Amsterdam; it is located in Stadsdeel, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, on the west side of the Museumplein and the Leidseplein. The park has 120 acres (47 hectares.) More than 10 million people per year visit its field museum, open-air theater, playground, and Horeca facilities.

Vondelpark Amsterdam The Vondelpark was created out of the effort of a group of people, who in 1864 joined to gather the money and buy eight hectares of terrain and in collaboration with the architect Jan David Zocher, inaugurated it on 1865. The park was originally named “Nieuwe Park” (New Park) but after two years later, when a statue of the 17th century designed by Joost van den Vondel was put in the park, people started to refer to it as Vondelspark (Vondel’s park).

Without a doubt, the Vondelpark is one of the trendiest parks in Amsterdam and the rest of Netherlands. Each year, this stunning green space receives more than nine millions of people. That is why in summers the park is completely full of tourists who enjoy the sunny climate roller-skating, jogging, dog walking, doing picnics or just lying in the grass.

Several cultural activities such as concerts and open air plays are held in this park in the entire year. In addition, tourists can find other stunning attractions like the Groot Melkihuis with its kid’s playground, the Poet Vondel well-preserved statue, the spectacular iron music dome and a small museum of film art.

Travelers can stop visiting the park to try delicious dishes in different restaurants around the area. For example, we can mention the Vondeltuin restaurant that is located in the south of the park, the café Vertigo situated in the museum of film art, The Blue Teahouse (Het Blauwe Theehuis) restaurant and the Big Milkhouse restaurant (Het Groot Melkhuis.)
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