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Dierentuin Artis

Amsterdam city can boast of having some spectacular parks through the principal areas of the town. However, there is one that considered as the best for many local and foreigners and it also serves as a big Zoo. We are talking about the Dierentuin Artis Zoo. This big green space is a stunning park that attracts thousands of tourists and locals each year. There are a large number of exotic animals from different parts of the planet. In fact, the Dierentuin Artis is such as fantastic place to visit with the entire family.

Dierentuin Artis More than a simple zoo, the Dierentuin Artis is an extraordinary complex that has several magnificent areas to visit and explore. For example, there is a big aquarium where visitors can see several sea species from different oceans, a planetarium with high technology equipment to see the space, a geological museum, the Zoological museum and a conservatory.

The Direntuin Artis does not only provide several sightseeing tours; visitors can find education facilities specially for kids who need to learn more about the planet earth. In fact, people can see some important widescreen productions of the cosmos, the universe and the rest of the planets of our solar system in the geological museum and the planetarium

This amazing zoo was inaugurated in 1838; it is the oldest complex that houses exotic animals from Europe. Indeed, there are more than 800 species living in a well-protected friendly environment. Visitors can cross some interesting areas of the zoo through wooden Bridges in order to see the natural habitat of some wild animals like lions and silver wolves, for example. It is an indescribable experience to see some Zebras and Ostriches that are running around the Zoo like in the Savanna in Africa.

Getting there is quite easy; tourists have to take the Tranvia 9 and get off at Plantage Kerklaan 38-40. The tranvia is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday (weekends included.)
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