Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide


As we know, Amsterdam city is quite famous in the world for having some amazing green friendly spaces to breathe fresh air, practice jogging or take a walk with the dog. We are talking the several parks that are located in different parts of the town. For example, we can talk about the Beatrixpark. This stunning park is located in the small Zuider Amstel neighborhood in the southern side of the city exactly. Even though the park is a little bit dirty, there is not a lot of people around the area so it is the perfect place to escape from the bustling city center to take a breath.

Beatrixpark Amsterdam The Beatrixpark, as the majority of parks in Amsterdam, has several beautiful parks through its area. This park is the favorite for dogs. In fact, visitors are going to find a lot dogs along with their respective owners. It is divided into three different parts: the Central zone, the unique Beatrixpark and a simple area that lies with the Beltway.

The Beatrixpark was designed by the prestigious designers Jakoba (Ko) Mulder who was the most popular landscape architect in his time. The park was built between 1936 and 1938. However, the beautiful area was initially a favorite romantic park. During the Second World War and after the German occupation, the park was renamed as Diepenbrockpark in honor to Richard Wagner’s music that used Germanic poetry in his songs. Nevertheless, when the war ended the park changed the name to Beatrixpark again.

Local and foreign people visit the Beatrixpark because it is quiet, nice, and spacious with shaded pathways and green fields. Indeed the park is ideal for kids because there are amazing swimming pools for them. In addition, people who enjoy the nature can see some amazing insects and animals such as swans, red dragonflies, metallic green flies and several colorful plants.
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