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The Amstelpark is another excellent park in Amsterdam. It is actually an urban park full of colorful gardens, great playgrounds for kids, exhibitions areas with art galleries, restaurants, a minigolf areas and a big labyrinth. This beautiful green space is located just behind the RAI (Principal congress and exhibition center in Amsterdam.)

Amstelpark Amsterdam The Amstelpark was recognized by having the best world garden fair in 1972. Since then, the popularity of this park has been gaining more adepts and now it is quite famous in Amsterdam and the rest of the country. As we mention before, the Amstelpark includes several amazing gardens through its area. As an example we can mention some colorful gardens such as the Butterfly Garden, the Rosarium Garden full of roses, the Belgium Garden and the Rhododendron Garden that has more than 130 types of plants.

Although a decade ago the park suffered one of its most massive losses of natural elements due to the tree disease, the Amstelpark doesn’t lose its beauty and splendor nowadays. Conveniently, the park is lies along the imposing Amstel River. Exploring the park is a must because travelers can find a big windmill that dates back from the year 1636 and a small monument that is made of bronze.

Amstelpark is perfect to visit with the entire family but especially for kids because there is a small train station. During summers, plenty of kids take a ride in the small wagons of a small train. In addition, there are an amusing labyrinth and a small farm with goats, sheep and ponies.
Foreigners can find this stunning park at Europa boulevard N° 1083 HZ (Buitenveldert-Amsterdam.) Amstelpark is not complicated to get there; the tourists can take the bus or drive a car. In order to get there by bus, travelers have to go to the Weerdestein bus stop. If visitors want to get there driving a car, they need to take the ring A10, exit 109.
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