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Rembrandthuis, Rembrandt's House

Rembrandthuis - Amsterdam Rembrandt Harmenzoon was a brilliant painter in Amsterdam and he considered as the most important artist in Art history of Europe. He began some of his important art creations during the popular Golden Age. Nowadays, people from different parts of the world visit Amsterdam in order to see the Rembrandthuis, Rembrandt's House. The Rembrandthuis is basically a house museum that is located at Amsterdam’s Downtown in the popular street called Jodenbreestraat 4.

In this house, the painter lived some important episodes of his artistic and personal life. He bought the house in the year of 1639 and lived there for almost seventeen years approximately. This extraordinary place is one of the most important museums in the city because of its original artistic collections that belongs to Rembrandt and other important ones that were made for his disciples and contemporaries.

Rembrandt's House was recovered in 1906, and since then the building was restored and used as a museum. Inside the house, visitors can feel the atmosphere of the painter. There are rooms that have been furnished along the 17th century. In addition, tourists can enjoy more than 250 magnificent drawings, etchings and other several famous paintings around the world like the Night Watch, for example.

Rembrandt's House is available everyday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM including weekends. The fee is only € 9 Euros for adults and € 2.50 Euros for children.
Phone: +31 -0-20 520 0400
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