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Het Koninklijk Paleis

Het Koninklijk - Amsterdam The Het Koninklijk Paleis, Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful and notable buildings in Amsterdam. Without a doubt, visiting this spectacular construction is a must for those who are going to Amsterdam. The Het Koninklijk Paleis, Royal Palace was constructed in 17 years between 1648 and 1665, approximately. There is a peculiar story about the construction; the Poet Constantijn Huygens declared the splendid structure as the eighth marvel of the world.

Trying to follow a world architectural tendency this big building in Amsterdam is definitively a master piece of a famous brilliant mind. We are talking about the designer Jacob Van Campen. He began the project constructing classical lines and wooden piles which were collocated into the base during the 17th century.

The Het Koninklijk Paleis, Royal Palace was initially built in order to serve as a principal city hall. However, the building was declared as the Royal Palace due to its amazing architectonic style. In fact, at that time, plenty of people considered the monument that exemplified Amsterdamís cockiness.

Its interior can boast of having a wonderful baroque decoration. There is an imposing Atlasí statue which holds a big circle with 1,000 kilograms. Visitors can find also a stunning room that is called the Citizenís Hall that includes several baroque features in its decoration. This magnificent building had the artistic participation of plenty of important artists of the Golden Age, such as Govert Flinck, Ferdinand Bol, Jan Lievens and Rembrandt.

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