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Anne Frankhuis, Ana Frank's House

Anne Frankhuis - Amsterdam Ana Frank was a witness of the atrocities committed by the German Nazi Government in Netherlands. Being a Jew during the Second World War was a stigma. That is why her family had to build a hidden place to survive. Unfortunately, the German authorities found out her secret place and the rest is history. She daily recorded her awful and tragic experience in a diary.

Nowadays, after sixty years approximately, people can visit an emblematic Museum that is located in the Anne Frankhuis; it is Ana Frank's House. This historical place was built to remind the bad times that Jewish people had to experience during the war. Tourist who wants to know more about Anne Frank’s life can visit the museum that is located at Prinsengracht 263.

There is also a hidden place (Achterhuis) and a timeline exhibition of the persecution and discrimination of the Jewish people in Amsterdam. Without a doubt the annex (a hidden place) is the popular place to visit because until now we can feel the oppressive atmosphere that reigned in this place. There is a hidden doorway that was covered with a moveable bookcase. This hidden doorway was discovered in 1944 and the people who were hidden inside there were taken to different concentration camps.

This important museum was inaugurated in 1960; thanks to the collaboration and public subscription of the majority of the citizens in Amsterdam. Some entrepreneurs wanted to demolish the block in order to built new buildings, but the citizens wanted to preserve the area because of its symbolic historical fact. Visitors can find documents, film images, photographs and other objects that belonged to that time.
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