Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide


Schreierstoren - Amsterdam The Schreierstoren Amsterdam is an old building, which belonged to one of the defensive tower sof what was once the city wall. Built in the year 1487, it is the only remaining defensive tower of the wall and collapsed. The tower of the city has that name (wall of Schreierstoren) since it for medan a cute angle with the city (schray means strong) of that tower is said that wives fare well to their husbands every time there was a trip.

The city wall had an extension a long Hendrik kade Principe, where now stands the station on channel Geldersekade reaching what is now Nieuwmarkt. The remains of the great city wall are shown as If only the terraces were built of stone wall between the stone columns. Certainly the wall forms an acute angle to the southwest.

The year of1966, the tower had to be restored, because it was used before as an office of the port and in 1960, it was moved to New Haven and proceed to building a new port construction by Ruyter Kade. Since the restoration of the tower she just found a book on navigation at the top of the tower and the different business card ships. The tower also exhibits a plaque in commemoration of Henry Hudson's April 4, 1609.
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