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Oudekerk - Amsterdam The Oude Kerkisan ancient church created in 1306;the bishop Utrecht was in charge of this church that had as its Patron Saint:S an Nicolas. Another life linked to this church is the composer and organist Jan Pieterszoon, who spend most ofhis life play in gin this place, He star this musical career early, just went he was 15 years old, specifically after the death of his father, came to compose the musicof the 150 ps alms and be the first internationally renowned Dutch composer.

This small church was renovated over time for about 15 generations due to the weakness of its structure. The church covers an area of 3 300 square meters and the floor is covered with gravestones because the church was built originally over a cemetery, which belongs to people that were born in the same location and with great significance in the history of the city of Amsterdam.

The church has 3 Pipe Organs, the first one was built in 1658, a second was built in 1667 and a third by the year 1724. The Oude Kerk contains 12 misericords or mercy sits. Today the church houses to Catholics especially to celebrate the day of the "Miraclein Amsterdam," which happened the year of 1345; the church Oude Kerkhoststo the firebut this does not burnin honor of this action will build anew chapelin the churchand to this day remains amiraculous cures fortheir believers.

The small square, where the church was called Oudekerksplein, there are prostitutes behind a window offering their services, the same street where this place hason the floor bronze carving of a hand onher breast highligh tednigh tonthe pavement made by an anonymous artist. This place also hasa statue called Belle in honor of prostitutes.
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