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Noorderkerk - Amsterdam This Noorderkerk church was build for the protestant religion in the 17th century, between years 1620-1623, itís located in the Jordaan neighborhood, but the Jordaan had the Westerkerk and this second church was for the northern people. The Noorderkerk was designed by Hendrick de Keyser and his son finished the construction because of Keyserís deathin 1621 before completing the building.

The Noorderkerk church was restored between years 1993 to 1998 and the small tower in 2003-2004 and the organ was built in 1849, and restored in 2005. In these days the church is used for the Dutch Reformed Church services and sometimes for the classical music concerts.

The square, where the church is located, is called Noordermarktsquare; this is the place where the regular markets are available every Saturday. In 1941 the public meetings were illicit to make in the square for the organism Strike February; this event is remembered with a plaque located in the south part of the church.

One of the main reasons for building the church was the Calvinist cause. The pulpit is in the midst of a church is not decorated ornate, but its simplicity has a beauty of its own. The great acoustics that can be captured in the church is well used to the different concerts of classical music specifically. So also itís well used by organic farmers outside the church every Saturday in craft and fair sales.
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