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Het Huis met de Hoofden

Hoofden - Amsterdam Huis met de Hofdenmean: the house of the chiefs, the name o f the house is because in the first floor of the building there are six heads; tells the history that the house was the refuge for six thieves, and when they were captured the girl who care of the house decided to behead each one of them. It is said that each one of the chiefs descended from one of the gods, so thateach headhad a giftor power, Apolo, Ceres, Mercurio, Minerva, Baco y Diana half-moon.

The house was built in 1622 by Nicholas Sohier, one of the richest people in that time, he loved the art and he purchased other lots next to this house and back to Herengracht. This building is one of the relics of the seventeenth century, considered one of the main housesof the time. The roof has 2 parts joined by a cross gable facade has a Renaissance design done by the architect Hendrick de Keyser, but come to completion by his son Pieter de Keyser because Hendrick died in 1621 and the work was finished in its entirely in 1622.

The facade has as wanky decorand abundant, its main features include tapes, pads, claws, vases, obelisks, masks of lions anda plaque of the year in which the building was completed. The pillars that extend to the side sand cutto produce the terminal son the roof make the house appear to be higher than it is. The story goes that the maid named Anna faced with a sharp knife to thieves that invaded through the kitchen and one by one all them were decapitated, but one of the thieves escaped.

After5 years remaining Peter the thief that was not beheaded by Anna came for herand took her tothe house of his parents, she wastied up and locked, from the days received all kinds of abuse, but thanks to adiamond that she had been given, she could cut the rope and escape to the nearest farmhouse, tucked away in a carriage of hay from a farmer came to Amsterdam, once there told the family everything that happened. Police planned to catch the thief; so they set up as if Anna had not come to the house yet, it made easier to capture and imprison the last thief.
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