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De Vier Heemskinderen

De Vier Heemskinderen - Amsterdam Heemskinderen Vier(The saga of the four Aymon) is a novel that gradually grew as a myth, beginning with the collection of the novel by Charles van Reinould Montalban, as well as and adaption to the French court in a cycle of novel sunder the name of Les Quatre Fils Aymon. Through the years, it gained momentum as a novel with more episodes until the 13th century; it was written as a poem andin the 15th century it became the precursor of the novel. So, different versions appeared.

The poem was written in the 13th century, when kept at around 2000 lines of which were increased and reclaimed in a novel. Time to pass,the book was equally strong and hard for many centuries; in the year of 1872, it was reissued by Jan Carel Matthesand in 1939, it was also reprinted by Pieter Johan Jurriaan, 1966 by D. Hessel Maelsaeke in 1998 and Adema.

In different parts of Amsterdam can be heard different versions of this novel, so for example in the Meuseval leyand the river Meuse identifies where the steed Bayard drowned. In Flanders there is avariant where Aymon who was the Lord of Dender monde and his steed Bayard drowned in the river Scheldt, and the words of Charlemagne was not only was his predecessor Charles Martel.
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