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Amsterdam Travel Guide

The National Monument in Dam Square

Dam Square - Amsterdam Dam Square is located inthe center of Amsterdam, less than 1 km from the central bus station, has the rectangular shape of 200 by 100 meters. To the west of the square is the Royal Palace of neoclassical architecture dating back to 1655 that served as City Halluntil the year 1808, when was converted to a residence hall. On the otherside of the square Isa white pillarin memory ofthe fallen of World War II since the year 1956.

The NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolskyhas an excellent view of the parkand the exclusive shopping center De Bijenkorf, thanks to these two great attractions the place became into a tourist area completely. Originally the Dam Square, as its name implies, served as prey; in the year1270, a dam was builton the Amstel River connecting the two sides of the river, which were isolated settle mentson the river.

Little by little, as the Dam Square was built,it became more widely because of the changes that were added, which is why thenis turning into a square; originally the union of two places is what is now the Dam Square, one of the parts is what is now the dam Middeldamand the other part what was a small square called Plaetse. The dam became a largest fish bankand therefore the loading and unloading destination to different kindsof goods, the government declared it as a town hallin Amsterdam.

Until 1808, the square had a weigh house that appears in the old paintings, this weigh house was one of the central shops in that time. This building was demolished by Louis Bonaparte, who was the younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte the Emperor. Louis took up his residence in then ewest Royal Palace, but he complained about the view.
In the 19 century the Damrack was filled and the consequence of this phenomenonis that all rest of the land was surrounding the Dam Square and it created more territory for the Square, In this space was build the stock exchange Beurs Van Zocher in the year of 1837, but a couple years after, the stock trade moved to the Beurs van Berlage that build in 1903, and the other building was demolished. Nowadays, some tram lines traverse to the square, in the 19th century, the square was one of the most important horse tram stations in Ámsterdam.
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