Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Maps of Amsterdam

Having maps of Amsterdam is a good idea for any visitors to this beautiful destination, because a map will allow you to locate the places youíre interested in for a visit; Amsterdam is the largest city and the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands, so itís an organized city, but you must take some precautions to donít get lost.

The geographic situation of Amsterdam as a province of North-Holland next to the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland, makes of its weather a good climate, therefore, it makes easy to visit the city throughout the year. Due to its location Amsterdam is also one of the most important ports in the world.

The population of Amsterdam approximates to 747, 290 inhabitants from almost 175 different nationalities; there are over 28 parks, 165 canals and over 1280 bridges, several entertaining places including cafes, discotheques, restaurants, theatres, bars and more. Itís considered as a jewel of Europe and has a lot of reasons for that; youíll be learning some of them in this travel guide.

The following are maps of Amsterdam that might help you to locate important places, streets, districts, canals and bridges in the entire city.

Amsterdam Map

Amsterdam Map

Amsterdam Map

Amsterdam Map

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