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Koninginnedag Koninginnedag(Queen’s day in English) is a huge celebration in Amsterdam and some people even say that it’s the biggest party anywhere in the world. The Dutch celebrate the Queen’s festival each April 30 (29 if the 30 falls on Sunday), which is holiday because it commemorates the Queen of the Netherlands’ birthday and congregates people from every corner of Amsterdam that usually have orange dresses or accessories for the celebration.

The Koninginnedag, Queen's day, is celebrated in Amsterdam since 1949, when Queen Juliana ascended the throne. The date of the celebration changes with every queen that’s why before Queen Juliana (1948–1980), the holiday took place on August 31 birthday of Juliana’s mother, the Queen Wilhelmina (who presided as princess 1885–1890, as queen 1890–1948). Currently, the celebration is still on April 30, because of the weather season of winter that isn’t the best season to party outside, although Queen Beatrix’s (1980-present), Queen Juliana’s daughter, birthday is on January 31.

Queen’s day can be divided into two main celebrations:

Koninginnenacht-The eve of Queen’s day (Queen’s night): Dutch people congregate in cafes, bars, nightclubs and Amsterdam streets to party in special festivities all night long since 7:00 pm generally (Dutch people likes to party). It’s especially for young people that move across the city looking for a party, or going from one to another.

Koninginnedag The Queen’s day: There are some activities and one of the most famous traditions in the Orange Craze, because on this day most people use an orange color for their clothing and accessories, establishments also decorate with theme posters and orange decorations (color to refer the Royal Family). The queen use to visit one or two towns, where people prepare traditional dances songs and art demonstration to celebrate the visit of the Queen. While all Amsterdam and the entire country goes crazy with all kinds of celebrations, from concerts, DJ’s and bands.

People also prepare their menus bases on orange color, a menu might include: Orange and Fennel Salad, Orange Soup, Bread, Orange cheese, Orange Tompoes, Orange Fruits, Orange juice and more. Other activities include the vrijmarkt or Flea Market a day in which people can sell and buy on the street without permission or a payment.
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