Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

How to get in Amsterdam

There are a lot of options to get Amsterdam, finally the choice is yours, but you must be informed of all them and the pros and cons for the kind of arrival to your destination, Amsterdam.

By Air

Schiphol Airport Arriving Amsterdam by plane is one of the most comfortable but expensive ways to get this destination. The fourth largest airport of Europe, Schiphol is just a few kilometers from city center (11 miles approximate). All flights land at the Airport Schiphol, in which youíll find all facilities including a tourist office. Most popular airlines that provide services to Amsterdam are: British Airways, EasyJet, KLM and British Midland.

By Boat

Amsterdam Ferry Getting to Amsterdam by boat is available for visitors from certain places of departure such as: U.K. and Scandinavia and services are available all day depending on climate condition. Some companies that provide the service by ferry are Stena Line, DFDS Seaway, P&O North Sea Ferries and Scandinavian Seaways.

Boat travel is a viable option for travelers coming from the U.K. and Scandinavia. Scandinavian Seaways connecting to Amsterdam via Newcastle, P&O North Sea Ferries via Hull and Stenaline via Harwich all offer ferry and holiday cruise services for those looking for an alternative approach to the city. The nearest Ferry Port is located at: DFDS Seaways Felison Terminal, Sluisplein 33, IJmuiden, NL 1975 AG, Netherlands.

By bus

Amsterdam counts with a terminal at Amstel Station (located 10 km from the city, approximately), which serves local and international routes. The most important coach service that connects almost all Europe is Eurolines.

By Car

Itís a bit complicated especially in the moment when one must park the car because itís hard to find a place and if you find one itís quite expensive, although itís very useful to have a transportation media available all the time for one. Consider that the western part of Amsterdam has a very congested road network. The speed limit on Dutch motorways is 120 km/h, except where indicated.

By Train

Centraal Station The principal train station is Amsterdam Central Station; some of the train services are: Thalys: Connects Amsterdam and Paris, Brussels and Antwerp. If you buy tickets in advance itíll make you save some money. The Intercity train to Brussels that connects to Antwerp and Brussels, the train is slower than the first one. ICE International that connects Amsterdam with Dusseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt. Amsterdam Zuid; the Euronight service, visitors usually take its service to save money instead of a hotel.
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