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Hartjesdag The Hartjesdag (Day of Hearts) is a gay event very popular in The Netherlands, an annual street festival, in which local men dress as women and the women go as men; it might sound strange but it was common in several areas such as Haarlem, Bloemendaal and Amsterdam; according to an oil painting from 19th century painted by Johan Braakensiek.

The festival was revived in 1977, when a committee in the Zeedijk, Amsterdam decided to organize it; since that year it takes place every 3rd weekend of August. Itís said that the initial idea of the festival comes from Middle Ages, the festival where ordinary people could hunting in the forest that was reserved for nobility.

Hartjesdag Other legend says that the festival was an annual costume festival for royalty: because poor people couldnít afford the costumes, so they decided to change their clothes in that way men would dress as women and women would dress as men.

Nowadays, people think that itís a celebration of after-party for Gay Pride that takes some weeks before. But the Hartjesdag is not only a Gay and lesbian party; itís an extravaganza that one can notice in the parade with the participation of Drag Queens and the Cross-dressing elements; youíll enjoy also abundance of beer, other drinks, and fireworks.
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