Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Getting Around Amsterdam

Getting around Amsterdam is more than easy, and it doesn’t cost too much and one can find innumerable ways of getting around the city that includes the well-organized public transport network and other private transportations. As one of Europe top destinations, Amsterdam is a wonderfully walkable city; people also can get around biking, the preferred Dutch way of transport.

You can get around through the following media of transportation:
  • By Bicycle: Amsterdam is one of the healthiest places in the world, because of the massive use of bikes for transportation; so it’s considered as a cyclist’s city, people that cycle count with their own traffic signals and lights, and have the right of way over cars and sometimes even pedestrians. There are several companies that hire bikes and motorized bikes, with more than 600000 bikes in the city you won’t feel strange. You’ll see a peculiar way of transport, related to bikes: the Taxi-Bike those are bikes that offer the service of taxi on a kind of sophisticated rickshaw (the price is per 3 minutes: $1.60)

  • By Taxi: As in other cities worldwide, cabs are very expensive, for example you’ll pay almost $10 dollars. However if it’s necessary, you can take a cab and see the prices before using the services, you’ll observe them inside or outside the taxi and decide.

  • Amsterdam Cycling
    Amsterdam Cycling
    Amsterdam Tram
    Amsterdam Tram

  • Renting a car: Driving might be the less recommended transportation media; not because of the price of hiring a car or the price but the tired parking process and the high rates (free parking doesn’t exists), and it because the narrow streets.

  • By Bus: There’s a well-organized bus network in the city, buses that will take you everywhere you want to go. There are local, regional buses, and evena night-bus system, that provides the service when other transportation services close.

  • By Train: Trains in Amsterdam are used for long trips, in general. However, there’s a train station in Amsterdam. Train, buses and Trams are considered in Public Transportation in Amsterdam, so they are controlled by the GVB, the public transport company.

  • By Ferry: There are many local ferry services that include the 3 following: NDSM, Builksloterweg and IJlein that give visitors other perspective of the city.

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