Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide


Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam offers a variety of cultural activities throughout the year and the festivals cannot be an exception. Amsterdam hosts beautiful performances all year. This city plays host exciting performances and concerts featuring leading artists from all over the world.

The Festivals starts in January, the New Year’s Day is an important event and Travelers visit Amsterdam to have a good time. A lively art fair conveniently, dedicated to the figurative art is presented in the mid of January near the Central Station. Chinese New Year Festival is celebrated in February in Zeedijk and China town and in March there's just one activity; Omgang Stille is a religious procession in Amsterdam celebrated the first Sunday in March.

In April,there are several activities to enjoy such as The Parade of floats and The Noordwik to Haarlem that is a parade of flowers. Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival attracts many people that want to enjoy this fantastic film festival. In April 30 more than 750-thousand people come to the city, the reason is Koninginnedag. Amsterdam Queensway is the national celebration of the birthday of the Queen Mother; the people celebrate it with a big party.

In May, the Art Amsterdam called KunstRai is a modern art fair organized each year in the south of Amsterdam, with more than 120 galleries from Europe and the United States. Dodenherdenkingm, Bevrijdingsfestival, national day of cycling and the opening of fishing for herring in Scheveningen complete the activities from this month. The Holland Festival is the most important event in June; during this month, events such as music, theatre, dance and opera attract people from different countries. Park Popin is the largest free pop festival in Europe is presented the last weekend of June.

Typical Dutch delicacy is Hollandse Nieuwe, which is raw herring from the catches around the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Herring fish is par excellence one of the Vitamin B12 foods most acclaimed and exported around the world. Another variety that can be found is the croaker fish. Check here the croaker fish health benefits and discover all bounties of this fantastic fish-food.

Holland Festivals In July and August there are several opportunities to enjoy your stay. The Hague congresgebouw is organized Nord Sea Jazz Festival for jazz lovers. 5 Days Off Amsterdam is a festival of electronic music at the beginning of July in some cities in the Netherlands, in the last years it has become into a cultural event.The Kwakoe Festival in July and August is the main event of the Surinamese; this festival has attracted more than a million people in the last years.

In august, the events in this month begin with the gay pride day that starts the first Saturday with a big nautical parade of gays through the Canals of Amsterdam, is a recognized event in the entire world. Grachten festival is a classical musical celebration around the city grachten that was created in 1998. Uitmark is organized in the last week; a big series of outdoor performances are organized in the center of Amsterdam.

In September, main activities start with the beautiful Flower Parade. Aalsmeer and the Jordan Festival are present each year in mid-September. In October, November and December; the Amsterdam Dance Event – Ade, The Shadow festival, The Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are the most important events.
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