Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Eating in Amsterdam

There is more than a thousand of restaurants in Amsterdam, Almost all the restaurants are in the center of the city. Vegetarians restaurants offer an excellent attention and good service. Amsterdam is a good place where you canít resist to eating the new local food.

Thanks to the emergence of young chefs that have found their inspiration in another countries. The Amsterdam Gastronomy has suffered big changes to become the interesting food with new flavors, pea soup with chanterelles and pancetta; cod smothered in a sauce based on chorizo and fennel; or turbot and truffle wrapped in potato spaghetti, stewed chard and veal sauce, all of them are just a sample of all the variety of food that you must taste during your visit to this city.

Amsterdam Cheese
Amsterdam Food

Amsterdam offers several possibilities of good food, good prices and the best attention, the usual ingredients are the potatoes, beef and vegetables. At noon, the fast food is a good option; the midday mealis usually accompanied by aglass of milk. There are a lot of typical dishes such as boterham, saucijzen broodje, pannekoeken. About desserts, Droste, biscuits or cookie roggebrood are the favorites and the most recommended.

The food is an important attractive from different countries, because of multiculturalism of Amsterdam you can enjoy the most varied cuisine in restaurants, bars and hotels. There are dishes like Salmon, Erwtensoep; Dutch cheese is so different and delicious. Netherlands is one of the leading exporters of dairy first class products in the world; varieties such as Edam, Gouda and Massdam are the favorite for consumers.
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