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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Zuiderkerk - Southern church

Zuiderkerk - Amsterdam This splendid church is considered as the first protestant church. The Zuiderkerk -Southern church was constructed among 1603 and 1611. The responsible of this stunning building was Hendrick de Keyser who was an acclaimed architect at that time. Moreover, the church provides a spectacular panoramic vision of the entire town from its tower. In fact, its spire is one of the three oldest in Amsterdam.

Tourists can enjoy a thirty minutes tour in the Zuiderkerktoren. There are professional guides who offer exceptional tours in the tower and they would explain everything by speaking English. Although the spire does not include lifts, there are solid step ladders and well-built stairs. The church is situated between Waterlooplein and Nieuwmarkt. During the tour, the guide will explain some historical features of the spire.

This church has been served for several purposes such as bible storage, mortuary and it is now an information center. The Zuiderkerk - Southern church is available to the public from Monday to Saturday among 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. The fee is 7Euros and the tour starts with fifteen people.
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