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Westerkerk-Western Church

Westerkerk - Amsterdam This is another amazing church close t o the canal Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The church is exactly located at the beautiful Jordan District. In fact, this district is quite important in the city because of its large emigrant population of Jewish, Spanish and Portuguese people. The Westerkerk-Western Church is an astonishing old construction that was built between the years of 1620 and 1631 by the genius mind of the builder/ architect Hendrick de Keyser.

This emblematic church is also famous for its location near the Achterhuis which was the house of the famous Anna Frank. Anna was a Jewish girl who wrote a diary during a year while she was hidden from the persecution of the German Nazi Government. In this fashion, tourists can take a tour by visiting the church and the house of Anna Frank as well. In addition, visitors can see a statue of Anne Frank outside the church.

Once travelers reach the church, they can see a big spire that is called locally as Westertoren which in English means Western Tower. It has 279 feet (85 meters.) That is why this tower is considered as the highest in the entire country. In addition, they can see a crown and two bells. In the year of 1966, a great event was hold in the Westerkerk-Western Church. We are talking about the marriage of the Princess Beatrix and the Prince Claus.
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