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Sint Nicolaaskerk

Sint Nicolaaskerk Amsterdam The sint Nicolaaskerk is another magnificent Catholic church in the city of Amsterdam. It has an outstanding Baroque style that attracts thousands of tourists each year. The church is situated in the city center and it was built in middle part of the 15th century but its tower was constructed three centuries before (12th century), according to some historians. In fact, this part of the church is considered as the most important due to its antiquity.

The Sint Nicolaaskerk was initially called St Nicholas inside the strong walls because it stands in the interior of the powerful ancient walls of the city. This magnificent baroque style structure was designed by the brilliant mind of the famous designer Adrianus Bleis. He combined several neo-baroque elements that had an impressive Renaissance style.

This magnificent parish is not only interesting for having a stunning baroque style, but also for being the home of the famous Bovenwerk Organ and for having two amazing Bells that were located in the principal tower. Each one of these towers has the name of the Sint Nicolaaskerk and Saint Katherine engraved on the top.

Visitors can see a stunning fašade that is surrounded by two big towers and a marvelous rose window among them. There is a bas-relief illustrate the four evangelists and Christ in the central part of the window that tourists can enjoy when visiting the church. In addition, the Sint Nicolaaskerk includes an astonishing sculpture that was made by Bart Van Hove in 1886.

    Location: Prins Hendrikkade 73
    Telephone: +31(20) (6248749)
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