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Oude Kerk-Old Church

Oude Kerk Old - Amsterdam As its name tells us, this amazing sacred structure is considered as one of the oldest in Europe and Netherlands. This emblematic building is also known as Oude Jan which in English means Old John. It is basically a Protestant church with a Gothic architectonic style, and it is quite famous in the city due to its tall tower that measures 75 meters.

Oude Kerk-Old Church has been evolving and improving throughout fifteen generations of Dutch people. Plenty of historians and archeologists believe that the church was constructed in the final part of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th century. In fact, the big restoration phase finished in the year of 1460. The main reason to build a church appeared with the idea to worship Saint Nicholas who was the principal patron of bakers and seamen.

Although, the church was built as part of the Catholic religion, the Oude Kerk-Old Church was used as a Calvinist Dutch Reformed Church due to the Protestant Reformation. In addition, this sacred building was tragically destroyed in 1556 in the famous Beeldenstorm as part of the Protestant reformation. In this terrible episode, the Oude Kerk suffered several damages in important parts such as the altarpiece and the side panels. Fortunately, some valuable paintings were located in the ceiling of the church; they stayed intact because the mob could not reach them.

This magnificent ancient structure now holds three big pipe organs, and a big bell that weighs almost nine tons. The Oude Kerk-Old Church has a total area of 3,300 square meters, and its roof is the most important element because it is considered as the largest in Europe.
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