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Oosterkerk, Eastern Church

Oosterkerk - Amsterdam The Oosterkerk is a stunning 17th century church in Amsterdam. This church which in English means eastern church is basically a protestant religious center. It was constructed between 1669 and 1671 under the amazing design of two important architects: Danil Stalpaert who was an excellent work in the beginning of the construction, and the architect Adriann Dortsman who finished the project.

This magnificent religious structure is situated in a small, quiet and warm zone of the town, at Kleine Wittenburgerstraat. The layout of Oosterkerk, Eastern Church was elaborated to be similar to a Greek cross in order to give an aesthetic sense to the building. There are more than 500 corpses resting in peace; including the rests of Adriann Dortsman, the architect who finished the church.

Although, this church is not longer available for religious services, tourist can enjoy some several cultural events that are held during the entire year. In addition, tourists can visit this church to spend a little time to relax because the area has a serene atmosphere. That is why this church receives thousands of visitors each year.

In addition, there are plenty of touristic facilities and accommodations around the area that makes the church into one of the most convenient places to visit. This touristic spot is open to tourists from Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
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