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Noorderkerk - Northern Church

Noorderkerk - Amsterdam The Noorderkerk Northern church is another amazing religious spot that is located in Amsterdam. This magnificent church was built between 1620 and 1623. Hendrick de Keyser was the brilliant mind who elaborated the design of the church. On June, 1620 a crucial decision was taken and the church saw the light in the holy week of 1623; it opened its splendid gates to the thousands of lost souls.

The Noorderkerk is a Protestant church that has a spectacular octagonal ground and an amazing construction that represents a Greek cross. When the designer Hendrick died in 1621, his son took the project and supervised it until the last part of the construction process was performed. Pieter, who was the son of Hendrick, finished the church with the help of the official town carpenter and his friend Cornelis Danckerts.

Visitors can find a stunning wooden vault, an impressive tower in the central part of the church, and a big churchyard that is located now near Rotterdam Bridge. Almost the majority of the architectonical style and design put in this church was inspired in the Renaissance architecture. That is why the design of the Noorderkerk- Northern Church served as a model for many other churches in the city.

Even though the purpose of the elaboration of a church was for Calvinist purposes only, there are several classical concerts music and other cultural spectacles during the entire year nowadays.
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