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Nieuwe Kerk ? New Church

New Church - Amsterdam The Nieuwe Kerk – New Church is a spectacular church that is situated near the Royal Palace and the Dam Square. The idea to build a new church was an initiative taken by some merchants of Amsterdam who wanted to create other religious spaces for new Christians. In fact, The Oude Kerk ("Old Church") had no capacity to house a new number of followers. That is why in 1408, the Bishop of Utrecht gave to Amsterdam the official authorization to build a second parish church. This church saw the light in the middle of the 14th century.

Miraculously, the Nieuwe Kerk – New Church was saved from being damaged by two big fires which destroyed the city of Amsterdam in the year of 1421 and 1452 respectively. However, the church suffered some damages in its façade due to the irresponsibility of some plumbers who were working in the site and accidentally made a big fire. Quickly, the church entered in a restoration project and recovered its old glory. That is why people can see the original Renaissance style nowadays.

Tourists can enjoy some amazing elements of this church such as the big altar, a spectacular pipe organ which was elaborated by the brilliant mind of Jacob Van Campen, the astonishing arched nave, and the brilliant glass windows just to mention a few. Furthermore, visitors can find a historic grave of the acclaimed admiral Michiel de Ruyter.

The Nieuwe Kerk – New Church was used to host some important Royalty events of the Dutch monarchs. For example, we can mention the royal wedding between Willen Alexander Prince of Orange and the Princess Maxima and the inauguration of the Queen Wilhelmina, the Queen and the Queen Juliana just to mention a few personalities. In addition, the church provides several exhibitions of Art and History.
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