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De Duif

De Duif - Amsterdam Located at Prinsengracht 1017, this beautiful church is considered as the oldest in the Canals of Amsterdam because it was built in 185, approximately. The designer of this spectacular construction was the prestigious Theo Molkenboer. The church has a notable neo-classic style that is mixed with neo-baroque elements. Its elegance makes the church different from others. Several years before, the area where the church stands now was a big sugar factory. Unfortunately, the factory burned down and the space was reused to build the church that we know now.

The Duif Church is considered by the (RCE) Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed as a rijksmonument (heritage site) in Netherlands. The church is the favorite place for many events which are held in the entire year. In fact, the perfect location and the good acustics of the place has turned De Duif into the right place for concerts, readings, lectures, dinners, symposia and much more.

The De Duif Church had a long restoration process. Fortunately, the restoration process is over and plenty of cultural events are held in the church nowadays as we’ve mentioned before. As an example we can mention the fabulous Tango Shows that were offered by the famous Zandunga Tango Productions and organ concerts by the acclaimed Matteo Imbruno. There is a big sprung floor which was elaborated during the restoration process where the tango shows are realized.

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