Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Bridges of Amsterdam

Torensluis The city of Amsterdam has different channels throughout the city and many of them from crossing, so it has different bridges that contribute to the urban landscapes of Amsterdam. In all Amsterdam has a total of 1281 bridges, the oldest dating from 1648, each bridge has a story,a reason and isused not only to cross the channel but are meeting points for many friends, lovers, for which also are customized according to reason or the presence of people.

Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and the same more bridges than Paris, when night after the bridges have a magnificent illumination, such bridgesare called Prize-Winning Bridges, and the most fabled is the Magare Brug, this bridge is really skinny and famous because they appeared in several films. The builders of these bridges have the recognition in every place of the world, because Amsterdam is a great example of the beauty bridge construction.

Python Bridge The oldest bridge was completed in 1648 and the name is Torensluis that means Tower Lock and is still working, this bridge is also the widest, the bridge has 39 meters across, and is home to Multatuli statue made by Max Havelaar. The Python bridge and Jan Schaeferbrug is possible that these two bridges are the most extravagancy and unusual, because the form and style is like a snake, the Python was build in 2001 and is known as Anaconda and Jan Schaeferbrug; it was built in 2001, this bridge can be dismantled for the Tall ship extravaganza.
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