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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Art Galleries

Amsterdam Art Galleries Amsterdam is famous city for its paintings that hosts the cultural and artistic center to the north. Portrait paintings, watercolor paintings, Still life paintings, flower paintings, abstract paintings, nude paintings, modern paintings, landscape paintings; are just a sample of Amsterdam art.

In that city you can apply for a job in museums or public and private galleries. Some art resume examples and tips can help you to get the job you deserve in Amsterdam. Remember write a professional resume and cover letter to improve your chances to win the job.

Museums in Amsterdam

Talking about the museums, the reference is the Van Gogh Museum. Van Gogh Museum with 200 paintings and 400 drawings; the Van Gogh museum is known as the biggest painting collection in the world is located in Museumplein; several exhibitions of paintings, drawings and letters from Vicent Van Gogh are held throughout all the year.

Rijksmuseum or National Amsterdam Museums dedicated to arts, crafts and history is the famous landmark of Amsterdam, that houses the works of Rembrandt van Rijn, Fra Angélico, Jacob Ruysdael, Geertgen tot Sint Jans, Nicolaes Maes, Lucas van Leyden, Frans Hals, Pedro Pablo Rubens, Ferdinand Bol and others.

Stedelijk Museum Stedelijk Museum is a museum for classic modern and contemporary art that hosts several art galleries famous paintings of 19th and 20th century. In this museum, the works of Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Chagallare often displayed.

Rembrandt house is a museum that attracts many visitors, this museum has changed the rooms in an attempt to get as close as possible to the situation in Rembrandt’s time. This House is opening every day except the New Year’s Day

The Historic Amsterdam Museum was founded in 1414; nowadays, it is located in the beautiful historical buildings of Amsterdam. The history of this city has been presented every day here. Each year this museum presents an especial exhibition.

Art galleries

ABC Treehouse Gallery, this gallery was created in 1998 cultural happenings in English are shown; their book club, workshop reading and classes and galleries are some of the several activities that this project presents.

Articks Gallery was created in May 2011; and now it features art-works about the street art; international and local artist present diverse collections such as graffiti, stencil art, comic, etc. The exhibitions change frequently.
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