Amsterdam travel guide


Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Art Exhibitions

Braggiotti Gallery Amsterdam as a major cultural city, has a sample artistic diversity in the world, as it high lights the different ways the art world. Among the North of Paris, London and Cologne art center is placed in Amsterdam. The various art galleries, theaters, museums, concert halls, libraries, design centers, cultural events, exhibitions of sculpture, photography, painting in different trends.

Among the main events taking place in Amsterdam is the show called Kunst Rai that takes place in the month of May and displays the latest developments in the visual arts. The galleries that have the recognition, explain the culture and give the complete art exhibition are:

Articks Gallery ABC Treehouse Gallery Arti et Amicitiae
Akinci Gallery Art Singel 100 Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries
Art Singel 100 Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries Binnen Galerie
Braggiotti Gallery Bart: Galerie Amsterdam De Beeldenwinkel
Carla Koch Gallery Clement Galarie and Printshop
Collection d´Art Contemporary art Gallery Delaive Gallery De Witte Voet Galerie
Elisabeth Den Bieman De Haas Galerie Hug Ilusion Galerie
Jaski Art Gallery K&B Galerie Kuhler Glasgalerie
Lieve Hemel Galerie Lughien Galerie Martin van Zomeren Galerie
Mokum Galerie Paul Andriesse Galerie Paule Carré Art & Design
Petit Galerie Reflex Modern Art Gallery Six Images Foto Galerie
Smelik & Stokking Galerie Steltman Galleries Torch
Vielieers Galerie WM Gallery Wouter van Leeuwen Galerie Amsterdam

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