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Amsterdam Tournament

Amsterdam Tournament Amsterdam tournament is a sport event that consists in a pre-season association football competition and takes place in Amsterdam each summer since 1975; when the first tournament was organized by Ajax to celebrate 700 years of history in the city. There were some years (from 1992 to 1999) in which the original competition was interrupted, and then the format have changed to a league format.

The most principal change in the tournament is the points system; for each team match, there are 3 points for winning and 1 for a draw as in other tournaments, but additionally each team is awarded with a point for each goal, so if there is a 1-1 draw, each team wins 2 point. The new system helps to do more intensive and exciting the tournament, because teams not only look for a win match, but also to win as much points as possible.

The main football teams that participate in the event are: AFC Ajax, Arsenal FC, Atletico de Madrid and S.S. Lazio and over 38 of the world’s greatest club sides. If you want to arrive to the tournament you’ll have several opportunities, such as train, metro, bus, and if you have your own car it’ll be event more pleasant, there is a parking facility not only for cars but also for bicycles and motorcycles.
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