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Amsterdam Pride

Amsterdam Gay Pride Amsterdam Pride is one of the most impressive parties in Amsterdam; The Amsterdam Gay Pride takes place every year in the first weekend of August since 1996 and congregates gay people from Amsterdam and different places in the world; in fact the same party is celebrated in different countries worldwide in different dates; people that travel just to have fun and enjoy this party stay amazed through all days of celebration, usually three days with activities for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in different locations of the city.

The central place for celebrations of the Amsterdam gay Pride festival is Rembrandtplein (Rembrant Square), the major square in Amsterdam, where one can enjoy of concerts, parties; but itís not only about celebrations and parties; the agenda includes cultural activities with exhibitions of a gay and lesbian theme in in art galleries and museums; and sport activities during the weekend such as: Tennis, volleyball, soccer, and more.

The annual gay festival is composed by several activities, which we detail as follow:

The first night of the festival, is full of parties; youíll see featuring the Drag Queen Olympics, The Super MartXe in the club Air, cruise parties and other events including Street parties.

Amsterdam Gay Pride The Canal Pride or Canal Parade: Itís a parade on boats on the canals that surround the city of Amsterdam; the event starts at 2 pmthrough the Prinsengracht and Amstel river until 6:00pm; and if you are interested in enter the parade you can subscribe in the organization committee; just do it in advance because the number is limited; 75 spectacular decorated boats and thousands of people watching itís the highlight of the Festival. When night arrives all people prepares to enjoy a new party night in some of the most luxurious and vibrant places in the city.

Finally, couldnít be another way, there is a closing party in the major square, the Rembrandtplein, in the late afternoon people congregate to celebrate, with artists and DJís. Surely the pride weekend is a celebration that cannot be missed.
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